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North Port - City of North Port


Introducing North Port:

  • Located In: Sarasota County
  • Population: 47,770 (Source: Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Florida, 2006)
  • Community Type: Residential and business
  • Size: 103 square miles
  • Zip Codes: 34286-34289
  • Government: Commission/city manager elected to a four year staggered terms with a limit of two consecutive terms.

History of North Port:

The city of North Port was incorporated in 1959 and is situated in southeast Sarasota County near the Gulf of Mexico. The city, originally known as North Port Charlotte, began with a population of 178

Things To Do In North Port:

The North Port Performing Arts Center, located at North Port High School, 6400 West Price Blvd., plays host to a number of musical productions and plays.

Myakka State Forest is located within the city limits and offers recreational opportunities including camping, hiking, off-road bicycling, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and small game hunting as well as fishing, boating, canoeing and kayaking.

Dining In North Port:

What Makes North Port Special:

Situated at the midway point between Sarasota and Fort Myers, North Port is conveniently located near a community college, three four-year institutions, two international airports and a variety of businesses.

North Port happens to be one of the largest cities in Florida in land area, but it is only 10 percent populated affording residents and visitors plenty of elbow room – a rare find in the Tampa Bay area. It is, however, one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, having burgeoned from 6,205 in 1980 to 40,000 in 2005.

Wildlife flourishes in North Port’s unspoiled natural environment, including 95 miles of freshwater canals. North Port is the only city in Florida that contains a state forest (Myakka State Forest) within its corporate boundaries.

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