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Main Street in Dunedin


Looking for something to do in Downtown Dunedin? Here are some of the Tampa Guide's favorite places to go, things to see and things to do in Downtown Dunedin.

1. Casa Tina Mexican Restaurant

Not only is Casa Tina a great place to get a margarita, it also has some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food in Tampa Bay. Their lunch specials feature more than a dozen entrees under $10 and their dinner menu features so many specialty items that you might need extra time deciding just what to order. The best idea is to bring a friend so that both of you can each order something different and then split half of each dish with each other. Not interested in sharing? My favorite item on the menu is the chicken enchiladas. Yum! Who's hungry? Let's go right now! Casa Tina is located at 365 Main Street.

2. Blur

After a long day of work or shopping and eating its always fun to just Blur out the day at Blur. My favorite night to visit is Thursday because they offer karaoke. Tuesdays feature Drag Queen Bingo and the rest of the week you're guaranteed to find some great dancing beats to wiggle your hips to on the floor. There are always drink specials at Blur too so be sure to ask your bartender what;s on special the night you visit. Blur is located at 325 Main Street.

3. Stirling Tropical Wines

This wine shop is just adorable! The wines offered are some best fruit wines available and have not only won awards but also been featured at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival in Orlando. Free wine samples are always available and with the bottles you can purchase some fun glasses and wine stoppers. The best part is they have a rewards program for loyal customers who purchase wine regularly. Stirling Tropical Wines is located at 461 Main Street.

4. Sea Sea Riders

Sea Sea Riders is a home that has been converted into a restaurant with decor is very warm and inviting. Located at 221 Main Street, the restaurant offers some of the freshest seafood around and is open for lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Before you order a single food item, order the sangria. It's among some of the tastiest I have ever tried. The cinnamon in it reminds me of Christmas in a glass and with every sip you get another waif of it and just want the warm fuzzy feelings to last all night long.

5. Dunedin Brewery

Now, it should be noted that I can't drink beer. The hops and I don't get along, but I love the Dunedin Brewery nonetheless. Why? The music of course! According to the folks that run the place, "On Tuesdays at 8pm, you will catch the Drum Circle with King James. Dunedin Brewery hosts Open Jam, Wednesdays at 8pm, where you can catch the best local talent. On Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays we book both local as well as regional and national acts." Dunedin Brewery is not on Main Street but it is within crawling distance of the main road and is located at 937 Douglas Avenue.

6. Flanagans Irish Pub

It's St. Patrick's Day every day at Flanagans Irish Pub. Located at 465 Main Street, Flanagans has karaoke Monday nights and features the musical styling of Wayne Gladney Wednesday through Saturday nights. As any Irish man or woman will tell you an added bonus at Flanagans Irish Pub is that they are a full liquor bar. What's an Irish Car Bomb without whiskey after all?
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