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Top 5 Sandwich Spots in Tampa Bay


Who would have guessed that the invention of the sandwich would be so crucial to how we lunch in society today? Meat and cheese between two pieces of bread makes lunch easy to take on the go and eat on the run. Here are my picks for the top 5 sandwich spots in Tampa Bay.

1. Rise Kitchen & Bakery

With Seminole Hard Rock Tampa's $75 million expansion came a new restaurant in Rise Kitchen & Bakery. This eatery has become my go to place when I'm in the area because there is literally not a single thing I've tried there I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. From the artisan breads to the delicious spreads I love every sandwich on the menu so far. Sure, the restraint offers more than just sandwiches, but its the sandwiches that keep me coming back. My top pick? Smoked turkey breast on asiago cheese bread with cranberry mayonnaise. This sandwich can be best described as Thanksgiving dinner in your mouth!

Rise Kitchen & Bakery is located in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa located at 5223 Orient Rd.

On a side note, if you are into gambling, you can earn points to eat at Rise for free if you are a Player's Club member.

2. Sub Shak

What will you find at Sub Shak? More than a dozen sandwiches under $5 and all of them made from scratch with care. The business is family owned and everyone that works there is genuinely dedicated to making sure you enjoy your meal.

My top picks at Sub Shak are the BLT, the Meatball Sub and the Steak & Cheese.

This hole in the wall eatery is located at 4309 Gunn Highway in Tampa.

3. Datz

Located at 2616 South MacDill Avenue in South Tampa, Datz has become the go to place for brunch on Sundays and business lunches on weekdays. Let's focus on lunch though because there is nothing better than a Datz sandwich to help you take a break from the chaos of downtown Tampa in the middle of your work day.

Cue the Brisket! That's not just an order, it's the name of the sandwich I love the most! The ‘Cue the Brisket features house-smoked beef brisket, creamy cole slaw and zesty bbq sauce, on a sweet sourdough bun. Add to this the fact that the sandwiches come with homemade sweet-n-salty chips with creamy, but mild blue cheese drizzle and green onions and you have one amazing lunch that is big enough to make two meals out of it.

4. Mazzaro's Italian Market

With almost every sandwiches $6 or less Mazzaro's Italian Market is a great place to grab a big lunch for little coin in St. Petersburg. Located at 2909 22nd Avenue N, Mazzaro's features sandwiches with meats freshly sliced in its in house deli served on fresh baked bread. Cold sandwiches include ham and capicola, Italian turkey and roast beef. Hot sandwiches include sausage with peppers and onions, meatballs with sauce and Little Sammy’s Big Fish Sandwich.

5. Firehouse

Okay, before you remove this page from your list of favorites, hear me out. Yes, Firehouse is a chain restaurant, but come on! Every sub there is so delicious! Founded by firemen Chris Sorensen & Robin Sorensen, these boys were obviously onto something because from the hook and ladder to the meatball sub it’s hard to find something at the joint I won’t like. Bonus points for the fact that Firehouse has locations all over Tampa Bay so I can get my "fully involved" fix any time I desire it! (For those not schooled in Firehouse speak, to be "fully involved" means the sandwich is loaded with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and has a dill spear on the side.)
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