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Date Ideas Part 3


Looking for something to do for date night but not quite sure what to do? You've come to the right place. This is part three of a series of articles filled with date ideas for couples in the Tampa Bay area.

1. Felicitous Coffee House

Grab your honey and visit Felicitous Coffee House for frozen drinks, warm drinks and specialty sweets and treats. While you are there enjoy a board game or two. They have such selections as Aggravation, Taboo, Cranium, Monopoly, Sorry, Life and Yahtzee. For added fun bring another couple along and make a double date of it.

Felicitous Coffee House is located at 11706 North 51st Street in Tampa.

2. Bar Hop in Soho

Why wait for a bar crawl in South Tampa when you can create your own? You and your sweetie can walk up and down South Howard Avenue and grab a drink or get some grub from as many or as few spots as you want. Be sure to look for drink specials because some spots on South Howard have free drinks for on certain nights and a couple even have free drinks for the fellas too. One recommendation that must be made is to figure out what kind of night out you are looking for before heading down to Soho. If you want a quiet night out that feels a little more intimate visit on a weeknight. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays bring out the club crowds and its often difficult to find a place to sit let alone have a place to talk to each other and hear one another.

3. Ashley Street Grille

Located in the Sheraton Riverwalk in downtown Tampa, The Ashley Street Grille offers gourmet dining with modern flair in an beautiful waterfront setting. For appetizers try the Blue Crab & Shrimp Cakes which features sweet blue crab and shrimp served with buerre-blanc and salsa fresca. Escape to the Islands for the entree and try the Key West Mahi-Mahi which is marinated, char-grilled and served with a golden pineapple salsa. Save room for dessert and indulge in the cakes and sweets of the day. Just be aware that dinner for two could run you $50- $75 depending on how much you indulge.

An added tip-check out Restaurant.com the day before you dine there because The Ashley Street Grille often has discounted certificates on the site. To save money consider dining during lunch as it's much cheaper then.

4. Arrivals and Departures

For an outside of the box date night head to Tampa International Airport in the evening. When parking go straight to the top of the parking garage. Hop out of the car and head into the airport shops and browse like tourists. Imagine the dream vacation you and your partner could take together. Talk about where you would go, what you would do, what you would bring. While walking around indulge in a smoothie, coffee or milkshake from one of the local vendors inside. Maybe even consider dining at once of the restaurants inside the airport. Stick around until night time and then head back to your car and enjoy watching planes coming and going. The best time to do this is at night because nothing quite beats all the lights on the runway and all the lights of the city as you look around.

5. Learn to Line Dance

The Dallas Bull offers free dance lessons every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for beginners to intermediate students from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Just bare in mind that lessons may be canceled on special event nights, please check our upcoming events page for future schedules. The Dallas Bull is located at 3322 US 301 N. in Tampa.

6. Your Date Ideas

Do you have an idea for an awesome date? I want to know about it. Email it to me and your date idea might just make it into a future list!

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