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Tampa Expert Review- Hurricane Seafood Restaurant



Hurricane Seafood Restaurant won't have you running for shelter!

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Address: 807 Gulf Way, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Phone: 727-360-7100

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Hurricane Seafood Restaurant won’t have you running for shelter. Food is made from scratch, service is great and a relaxing atmosphere helps make The Hurricane the perfect eat before, during and after a day at the beach.

Drinks:  There are several options for drinks at Hurricane and of course one of the most popular drinks at the restaurant is a hurricane. Other favorites include the Mai-Thai and its 5 O’clock Somewhere. All three drinks are the perfect blend of fruity flavors and make you feel like you are in tropical paradise. The passion fruit in the hurricane overpowers the drink and makes you forget there is alcohol in it and the Mai-Thai has almost a creamy texture to it that is reminiscent of a smooth dessert. There are more than 20 bottles and 10 drafts to choose from as well as several specialty cocktails and red and white wines.

Decor: The biggest feature here is the beach. It can be seen from every floor of the restaurant. The coolest place to see the beach is the rooftop bar because it gives you a 360 degree view of the beach. It’s hard to find too many decorations here. What they lack in décor is more than made up for in the food and the scenery outside. The most decorated room is the second floor with its blue walls and island feel. This could be because the second floor is the room that can be rented out for parties and weddings.

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Insider tips:  Busiest times are the weekends when the weather is nice. When thunder and lightning are in the area the rooftop bar is shut down. During hurricane season if an evacuation is necessary the island gets shut down and so does your event if you have one scheduled. Of course they can reschedule it for you, but if you are planning an event during hurricane season it’s something to think about. Parking is very limited behind the restaurant. You can park for free while you are eating if there is a space, but make sure to move your car when not dining or you could risk being towed. Smoking is only allowed outside.

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Service: The wait staff takes great care in making sure that you are satisfied with your meal. Almost everything is made in the restaurant and the fish is purchased as fresh as possible for optimal quality. According to one of the owners if the restaurant is out of something be glad because it is proof that everything is made fresh and purchased as fresh as possible. They don’t believe in frozen fish being served here.

Bottom line: Hurricane Seafood Restaurant cares about you and cares about your experience.  No need to evacuate this restaurant!


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