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Sea Dog Brewing Company


Sea Dog Brewing Company

Sea Dog Brewing Company

More Than Photographs

26200 U.S. 19
Clearwater, Fla. 33761

Phone: (727) 466-4916

Company Website: http://seadogbrewing.com/

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily

Alcohol: Beer, wine and full liquor bar. The drinks at Sea Dog Brewing Company are delicious. The bar offers a selection of specialty cocktails. The good news is that if none of them tickle your fancy the bar staff knows exactly what to do! They are great at blending liquors, colas, juices and other add ins to make the perfect cocktails even if they have to make one up.

Menu: The bar has a full menu. The Clearwater location is working on a few new items but for now you can get favorites like burgers, pizzas, salads, hot wings and of course since Sea Dog was born in Maine there's a bunch of seafood dishes to choose from. See the full menu here.

Description: Sea Dog Brewery has a fun vibe to it with a rustic feel. Inside you will find art made from beer caps, light installations made from beer bottles and even a room filled with beer being brewed on site. One of the coolest beer cap art pieces is a large set of letters spelling out the word CHEERS inside the main dining room. Everywhere you look is a reminder that beer is available. Even on the food menu you will find suggestions for what beer to pair with your meal choice. One neat feature of the bar is that you can buy your very own piece of it- there is a mug club that allows you to purchase a beer mug that permanently stays at the bar and has a special number on it just for you so that every time you stop by you can drink out of it. The restaurant had not even been opened for two weeks and more than 100 of these special mugs were already sold to beer enthusiasts! Sea Dog is definitely a place to consider checking out.

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