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Guide Review – TIMPANO Italian Chophouse


Guide Review – TIMPANO Italian Chophouse


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The Bottom Line

TIMPANO Italian Chophouse is a must after a day of shopping in South Hyde Park, before a night of clubbing on Howard Avenue or simply for happy hour after work.


  • The drinks and the food are equally wonderful.
  • The food orders come out pretty quickly even when the restaurant is busy.
  • There is free live entertainment Tuesday through Saturday in the evening and Sunday for brunch hours.


  • The restaurant feels incredibly cramped when it’s busy-especially in the bar area. If you are not a fan of claustrophobia I suggest asking to dine outside on the patio.
  • Some menu item portions are a little small for their price.


  • Address: 1610 W Swann Ave Tampa, Fla. 33606 Directions
  • Phone: (813) 254-5870
  • Hours: Sunday through Friday the restaurant is opened from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday TIMPANO is opened from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Parking: They have complimentary valet in front of the restaurant and there is a parking garage adjacent to the restaurant that is complimentary as well.
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  • Company Facebook Page

Guide Review – TIMPANO Italian Chophouse

I have been to TIMPANO several times just for drinks, but thanks to a few gift cards I received at a wine tasting I had the chance to dine at TIMPANO not once, but twice. I went the first time after the Oscars on a Sunday with my pal Letty Schleifer and then came right back on the Tuesday after with my husband Jeremy. Sunday night offered delicious drinks and both nights offered delicious food.

According to their website, “TIMPANO is about savoring the high life.” The high life vibe is definitely evident when you walk in. Unfortunately the attire of most of the patrons (regrettably including myself) doesn’t speak to the high life feel of the place, but the décor, the food and the drinks say good life. Like the swing and Sinatra style music that is sometimes played live here, TIMPANO seems as though you could easily transport the restaurant back to those Rat Pack days and that it would have fit in just fine.

Dark wood tones, dim lighting and miscellaneous phrases and words painted on the top borders of the walls all come together to create a Mad Men retro feel.

Above the bar the words La Dolce Vita La Alte Vita are painted in big bold letters. The phrase reminds patrons that life is too short to be unpleasant so they should strive to live a life of pleasure and luxury. TIMPANO food and drinks and their atmosphere in my opinion are a gateway to pleasure and happiness. Luxury? Not so much, but who cares? It’s still a fabulous place to spend a lovely evening with your significant other or a group of friends.

Food options I highly recommend:

  • If you like raw food you must try the raw bar, specifically the Tuna Poke. The Tuna Poke features sushi grade Ahi Tuna in a Ponzu Soy marinade served with wonton crisp. I had this dish once on a Sunday and loved it so much I came in the following Tuesday to order it again. It is so good.
  • If food from dry land is more your style I would recommend the Chicken Piccata or the Fire-Roasted Chicken & Pesto. Order the Chicken Piccata with a side of spaghettini and with the Pesto I suggest you sub spaghettini for the fettucine. You’ll be glad you did. The pesto is creamy and the chicken can be ordered grilled or blackened. I went for the grilled and loved it. The Chicken Piccata was delicious too with its lemon, caper and white wine butter sauce.
  • Feeling an appetizer? The two I recommend are the soup and the deconstructed Bruschetta. The soup of the day on the first night I dined at TIMPANO was crab bisque that was so out of this world that I ordered two cups. The second night I dined at TIMPANO I tried the deconstructed Bruschetta. If you order this I strongly suggest you split it with someone because it is huge. The Bruschetta features Burrata Mozzarella, balsamic tomatoes, roasted garlic, tapenade and grilled Ciabatta. It was sweet and savory and just down right yummy.
  • In the off chance you have room for dessert I highly recommend the Tiramisu. The Sunday I went the Sous-Chef offered me a sampling of it and it was beyond drool worthy. The mascarpone cheese in it was perfectly fluffy and unlike some places I’ve had Tiramisu the coffee flavor wasn’t as over powering. It was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Over all I would highly recommend TIMPANO for a date night. If you choose to go with your girlfriends for a night out I suggest Tuesday because that is their ladies night and drinks are discounted for ladies.

Check out TIMPANO's menu here.

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