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Guide Review- Cassis American Brasserie


The Bottom Line

Overpriced, over fried and over cooked food is the main thing I’ve managed to find at Cassis in St. Petersburg, Fla. If nothing else, Cassis is only a place to visit when looking for drinks and dessert and even those items are overpriced..


  • The desserts are pretty good.
  • The drinks are delicious and they even have infused liquors.
  • The restrooms are clean.


  • The meals are overpriced and not exactly the best in St. Petersburg.
  • Two out of the three times I visited Cassis the wait staff was quite unfriendly.
  • The restaurant is small so dining inside can require a lengthy wait.


  • Address: 170 Beach Drive Northeast, Saint Petersburg, Fla.
  • Phone: (727) 827-2927
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. The bar is open until 1 a.m. daily. The bakery hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 8a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Parking: There is some limited metered parking in front of the restaurant. The meters are enforced until 8 p.m. daily. Complimentary valet is available when dining, however.
  • Company Website

Guide Review – Cassis American Brasserie

I first had the opportunity to visit Cassis American Brasserie while working a photography gig for a bank. While there I got the chance to try a few meats and cheeses and a few of the desserts. I enjoyed the apple tart, the cheeses and the meat so I planned to come back for dinner. It just so happened that as part of my gig I received a gift card to return.

When I came back with gift cards in tow the restaurant was pretty busy so my husband and I sat outside. It was a pleasant night so sitting outside made more sense than waiting for a table. We talked about how the restaurant’s layout reminded us of some of the restaurants in Miami. We got to watch folks that were walking by while we dined under umbrellas that had misting fans blowing on us. The mister I was sitting under was getting me a little too wet so we had to turn it away, but that was the only real problem we experienced in terms of seating.

The wait staff wasn’t too friendly. I chocked it up to it just being a busy night and tried to let it go. We ordered and got an annoyed face from the waiter when we told him we wanted to split the Atlantic Salmon and a Caesar Salad. We subbed out mashed potatoes for the cauliflower puree the Atlantic Salmon comes with. Rather than subbing out the bacon-braised brussel sprouts we simply planned on not eating them. The meal was decent, but not great. It was certainly not worth the $35 price tag. For dessert we settled on the cookies and cream ice cream which turned out to be the best thing we ordered. I guess it’s hard to screw up ice cream though, that is unless you serve it already melted.

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Believing it was just an off night I brought my mom with me to give Cassis one more chance with the last of my gift card. Sadly, just like the previous time the staff wasn’t that friendly. The hostesses and what I assume was the manager were nice, but the bartenders were not. So, I took it upon myself to compliment them so profusely that they would realize they were being rude and they finally came around. We sat at the bar because we were in a hurry to get to a show at the Mahaffey.

I ordered the Grouper Tacos and my mom ordered a cheeseburger. We both agreed that the fries were overdone, the tacos we too dry for comfort and that the cheeseburger was overpriced. We didn’t have enough on our gift card to get more dessert this time, but if we had I would have just gotten the cookie and cream ice cream again since I know that is good.

I doubt I’ll visit Cassis again for anything other than cocktails or desserts again. Even then I would rather take my business to a friendlier establishment. It’s a shame really considering the wonderful location and the cozy feel the restaurant has. If some adjustments are made and I start hearing great things I might give them one more shot, but until then I can’t recommend Cassis as a place to eat to anyone.

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