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Gift Idea-Poop Fudge


Gift Idea-Poop Fudge

Dog Poop Fudge from Really It's Fudge in Land O' Lakes, Fla.

More Than Photographs

Just when you thought you had heard of every gift idea possible in the Tampa Bay area, here comes Poop Fudge. It's edible, it looks gross and it tastes great. It's Poop Fudge. Yes, you read this description correctly-it's fudge that looks like poop.

Normally I wouldn't do an entire article on a single gift idea, but this one is so unique and to be quite honest so funny it deserves it's own story. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday or even a graduation gift this is a great prank for friends, family and even acquaintances as long as they have a good sense of humor. It's called Dog Poop Fudge by Really It's Fudge company in Land O' Lakes, FL. How fitting is it that the home base for this fudge is from LoL?

A Little Background*:
In 2006, the founder had an interesting thought after purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Wrecked 325i BMW from a local Tampa dealership. The BMW was such a horrible car, he started jokingly calling it his BMw (Bowel Movement on Wheels, BM Fudgea), the 2 series.

Soon after that he came up with the Fudge idea. He made fudge that looked like dog poop for his friends, youth and single’s pastors to play jokes on kids and adults alike. He began to get more and more requests from friends of friends and organizations. He realized that people enjoyed the practical joke and friends began to encourage him to market it. He went on a quest to create a way to mass product it. In 2010, after much trial and error and failed poopotypes, he created a “streamlined” process to manufacture the product.

In December 2010, he created the company, Zany Concepts, LLC. which manufactures and markets the Really It’s Fudge product line. In June of 2011 the company’s website, ReallyItsFudge.comwent live and the Fudge Movement started commercially. The goal of the company is to spread a movement of laughter and fun in this crazy and unpredictable world. We all need a good laugh.
(*Source for background- The Company's website)

The Fudge:
I personally have tried it and it's a very rich chocolate that would please any fudge lover provided of course they can get past how it looks.

There are six different “dumps” available currently including, the original Dog Poop, The Big Dump, The Bureaucrap, The Mulligan, The Rocky Load and the Christmas edition- The Yule Log.

What amuses me about The Mulligan is it comes complete with a white chocolate golf ball so that it looks like a ball that flew on the course and landed in a heap of dog poop. The Yule Log is filled with cranberries and other goodies to make it look like a dog ate a Christmas tree and then left the remains.

The Cost:
Prices range from $9.95 for the original Dog Poop fudge to $12.95 for The Mulligan. Shipping depends on weight and destination but begins at around $5.95 for nearby residents ordering a single load.

The Prank:
This is an absolutely hilarious way to prank someone out and the presentation is up to you. You can either give it in a brown bag or in a nice plastic case, but the brown bag adds to the humor because now you have not only given your pal a gift that looks like poop you have given them a “brown bag of poop”.

Some folks according to the owner can't get past the look of the fudge. Some can't wait to mess with their friends and make it look like they are eating poop before revealing the joke. The possibilities with this item are endless.

Where to Get Your Crap:
Currently you can only order it online.

It's made in a local commercial kitchen and can be shipped anywhere. There are lots of other fun gift ideas on the site in addition to the poop fudge and there are plenty of fun things to look at and enjoy while visiting the site.

Do You Have An Awesome Idea for a Gift?
If you are a local artist, business owner, cook etc... and you have a gift idea the readers of Tampa Bay should know about let me know! I'd like to put together a gift idea list for locals. Contact me today.

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