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Dining at the Original Hooters


If you have ever eaten at a Hooters then you know they are a lot a like wherever you go. The tacky Christmas Lights, the girls in familiar attire of orange shorts and white tops, the sports on the television sets, the wooden panels and hard wood floors and of course beer and wings. Hooters has been a fun dining spot since 1983 when the first one opened at 2800 Gulf to Bay Blvd. in Clearwater.


  • Great location- less than 20 minutes from the beach.
  • Plenty of parking
  • friendly waitstaff that also double as enjoyable eye candy


  • Lack of consistency. The level of quality depends on who is making your food.
  • Its bar food. If you want gourment, you're in the wrong place.

Specials: (* As of print date these specials are only at the Original Hooters)

  • Sunday through Thursday from 9p.m. to close select pints of beer are $0.99 and select appetizers are half price
  • Every Monday you can snag a burger and fries or tots for just $5.99
  • Wednesdays are known as Wingsday and 10 boneless wings with a side of fries is just $5.
  • During football games you can get specials on beer and wings

The back story:

The Original Hooters was opened by six guys with a love for Buffalo style chicken wings. Upon announcing their plans to have scantily clad ladies serving up manly food they were arrested and accused of impersonating restaurateurs. Although there were no indictments, the "stigma lingers on," according to the restaurant.

The idea to name it Hooters came from the restaurateurs trying to decide what makes a man's eyes gleam besides beer, wings and winning a football season. The slogan of the restaurant is delightfully tacky, yet unrefined. It used to be that you could only get beer with your wings but a few years ago someone got smart and made Hooters full liquor.

Today, Hooters is still a go spot for wings and beer while watching sports and imitators have popped up all over to cash in on their winning strategies. However, there is something about those orange shorts that keeps regulars coming in and newbies stopping by to try it out. It used to be just a man's bar, but over the years has become more family friendly and will most likely be around for many more years to come.

Guide Review:

The only real indication that you are dining at the Original Hooters is the sign out front. There are dozens of team photos of local teams that the restaurant has sponsored. There are articles about Hooters hanging in every corner as well as photos of people that have eaten there. It is these added thoughts at the Original Hooters that give the feel of a sense of community. Other than that, its just like any other Hooters.

The biggest problem with Hooters I have found is consistency. The quality of my food always depends on who is making it. I can go into one location and get the most delicious wings ever but the very next location delivers sub par greasy, over buttered and under sauced food.

For the most part I have had great service and pretty decent food at Hooters and dining at the Original Hooters for the first time was no exception. The wait staff was nice and the food was good and I left satisfied.

My favorite thing at Hooters is the wings but I'm also a huge fan of their Quesadillas and Philly Cheese Steak. My husband always gets their buffalo shrimp-he swears by them! In terms of dessert my hands down favorite item is their caramel fudge cheesecake. It's like a candy bar and a slice of cheesecake combined.

All in all I would recommend Hooters to people as a great place to catch the big game and some grub, but I can't guarantee I'd recommend it 100% of the time over their competitors.

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