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Bern's Restaurant Review


The Bottom Line

Bern’s opened its doors in 1956 and the goal was to serve quality food with the best service. Today, the restaurant is busier than ever and the quality of food and service is just as important as it was when the business first started.


  • Great food with generous portions
  • Everything is made fresh to order


  • Parking is valet only
  • The dessert room is priority seating for dinner guests and then first come first served


  • Address: 1208 S. Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
  • Phone: (813) 251-2421
  • Signature dish: Steak
  • Hours: Dinner only. Sunday through Thursday from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday form 5 p.m. until 11 p.m.
  • Parking: Valet provided for a fee
  • Company Website

Guide Review – Bern’s Steakhouse

There are several rooms to dine in and each one is decorated with its own colors and theme. The restaurant has the feel of a museum and somehow makes you feel like you have to whisper while you are there. It’s like a work of art in each room. One room even has a secret passage that allows celebrities and public figures to sneak through the kitchen and directly into the room without anyone knowing. This room is the most requested room and many presidents have eaten in it.

The food is the star at Bern’s and it’s all about the steak. Each one is aged to perfection and then cooked exactly how you like it. The steaks just melt in your mouth and each one is served with enough food to fill you up and possibly even send you home with leftovers. Make sure you are serving room for dessert though because the dessert room is almost as well known as the steaks.

The dessert room is a completely separate dining experience upstairs and each table is held within its own wine cask creating a romantic feel to say the least. Every month there are specials that change and there is a separate menu with the permanent desserts including the macadamia ice cream that took Bern years to perfect.

Having dessert is a must at Bern’s! The best part is you can come in any day of the week and just get dessert. Just be prepared to wait a while. Best bets are to come Monday through Wednesday when they first open to be seated quickly since priority is given to guests that are visiting for dinner.

Entrees are $29 and up. Desserts are $8.95 and up. Glasses of wine begin at $3.50 and the most expensive bottle of wine available to drink in house only is $30,000 as of June 2011. Even though the restaurant is on the pricier end, its one of those places you have got to try at least once in Tampa.

Reservations are highly recommended. A 12 percent service charge will be added to all checks for the wait staff in lieu of salary and the option to add additional gratuity is up to you.

As is common in the industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary meal for the purpose of the review. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy. All prices and offering mentioned herein are subject to change without notice.

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