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Ghost Hunting in the Tampa Bay Area


Halloween is fast approaching and even though ghost hunting happens all year round, the number of tours and hunts will increase for the spooky season. Ghost hunting can be scary but you ain't scared of no ghost! If you are looking for ghosts in the Tampa Bay area, here's a list of spots to get your paranormal hunt started.

1. The Tampa Theatre

It has long been believed that The Tampa Theatre in downtown Tampa is haunted. The Tampa Theatre hosts tours frequently and there are reports of unexplained movement, orbs, shadows and disappearances. Many of the staff have their own tales of things that have happened a throughout October the theater will be inviting people to learn more about the ghosts that allegedly haunt the building.

2. The Cuban Club

This spot in Ybor City was visited by the Apollo Paranormal Investigations in November of 2008 and the investigators found several signs that paranormal activity is occuring there. The Cuban Club is a venue for weddings, parties and corporate events.

3. Fantasy of Flight

The Apollo Paranormal Investigations also investigated Fantasy of Flight and found paranormal activity there too. An unexplained shadow was captured in the tail of the B17 by the night vision camera along with a moving shadow.

4. The Polk Museum

Located at 100 East Main Street in Bartow, Fla, HauntedHouses.com claims that 5 areas within the Polk Museum are haunted. The Polk Museum was initially opened as a courthouse and when the need for a bigger courthouse arose, the old one was preserved as a historic museum and the new one was built across the street from it. The five haunted spots: 1. The basement which is only accessible by elevator. 2. The Old Courtroom located on the first floor. 3. The Indian Artifacts room on the first floor. 4. The women's restroom on the second floor. 5. The Rotunda area-In 1886, this area was a courtroom where the bodies of the Mann brothers were on display for several days.

5. American Victory Ship

The American Victory Ship claims to be haunted and on October, 28 and 29 the ship will host a ghost tour complete with cameras throughout the vessel to catch everything so patrons won't miss anything. There will also be lectures and paranormal investigators on site to discuss activity on the ship.

6. Hernando Heritage Museum

This former mansion turned museum is haunted according to TheShadowlands.net website. People have seen and heard things that can not be explained. If you want to stop by and check it out do so on October 28 or 29 when they transform the place into a haunted house with outdoor activities, refreshments, a palm reader and more.

7. John's Pass

The Folks at GhostTour.net claim that the boardwalk and village of John's Pass is crawling with ghosts and they host nightly tours to show residents and tourists where they lurk. The group also hosts tours through St. Pete Beach, Tampa, Gulfport and St. Petersburg revealing ghost stories and more.

8. Any Old Building

It would seem that if the building is 50 years or older someone, somewhere will claim its haunted. This goes double for any building where a crime was committed. Do you know of a ghost hangout spot? Let us know and we'll add it to the list. Happy hunting!
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