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Hallucination Before Christmas 2012


The Hallucination Before Christmaswill be held at CZAR Saturday, December 15, 2012, from 9:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. More than two dozen artists will perform at this event for one flat fee of $15 when you purchase your tickets in advance . All attendees are also asked to bring three cans of food the day of the show as the goal of this event is to give as many meals as possible to FEEDING AMERICA.

Last year’s show “netted over 1700 pounds of food, which translates to 1,350 meals for families in need.”

Guests must be 18 and up to enter and there is no dress code for the event.

Czar is located at 1420 East 7th Ave in Ybor City. For more information on Hallucination Before Christmas 2012 visit the event’s website .

Concert Lineup:

HALLOWEEN TOWN- “Jack's Christmas Graveyard and Pumpkin Patch an all-star cast of freaks from the land of misfits djs..” (Electro / Nu Disco / Bangers / Bass / Breaks / Freak Beats)

  • Tommie Sunshine
  • David Christophere (Rabbit In The Moon)
  • Monk
  • 1931 (feat Viola LaLa Mia, Jackal & Berkeley)
  • High-5ive
  • Nick James

OOGIE BOOGIES LAIR-“Glow freaks….Lock, Shock & Barrel bring you a BASS.. snowball in yo' FACE!” (Dubstep/Trap/Moom/DnB/Drumstep/Bass)

  • Craze (Slow Roast / 5x DMC champion)
  • Thee Joker & TL JentGens
  • Baker
  • Spit 'N Blood
  • Rick Furious

CHRISTMAS TOWN- “Twas the tweak before Christmas and all through the house...who-ville creatures were stirring for the acid, deep and minimalhouse.” (House / Deep House / Minimal / Tech / Acid)

  • Oonaslim
  • Chang Bang
  • Brian Busto
  • Andy Mara
  • Navi
  • Julian

SALLY'S SANCTUARY- “Where the finest winter potions and hookah's are made: a bubbled brew of swampwater, wormswort, frogs breath, and deadly nightshade…featuring, Doctor Finkelstein's experimental soundtrack of chill grooves.” (Downtempo / Ambient / Funk / Trip Hop / Downgrooves / Chill / Acid Jazz / Liquid)

  • DayDREAMn'
  • Digital
  • Matty
  • Decompression

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