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Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant

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Ashley Grant is a writer, photographer and entrepreneur who is obsessed with finding fun things to do and see in Tampa, FL. Nothing makes her happier than spending days and nights on the town visiting restaurants, clubs, parks and local attractions.


Ashley's has been a freelance writer and photographer for more than three years and has mainly covered events, restaurant reviews, bar reviews and lifestyle stories about Tampa residents and businesses.

Ashley's work has been featured on Channel 10s online affiliate Tampabay.Metromix.com, in the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Bay Metro and more.

In addition to all of her freelance work, Ashley runs several blogs including Tampa Bay Freebies which is dedicated to finding free things to eat, drink, see and do in the Tampa Bay area.


Ashley earned a baccalaureate degree in magazine journalism from the University of South Florida, which included two internships at two Tampa magazines. She minored in business and plans to someday hit the books again and pursue a master's degree and ultimately her PhD.

By Ashley Grant:

There are so many things to see and do in Tampa Bay. All too often residents here get so caught up in their lives we forget that this is a vacation destination. I love going out and exploring the city I live in and hope to always find more places for people who live here to check out for themselves. I want to know everything I can learn about what is going on in my community and then be able to share it with everyone.

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